Hi! I'm

Joan MarĂ­n

I have loved video games since I was a kid. Now, I want to become a video game developer. It's kind of hard, but the results couldn't be more gratifying.

I have recently finished my degree in Video Games Design & Development, at the CITM (UPC), Barcelona, and now, I am looking for an oportunity to start my profesional career as a game developer. I mainly code in C/C++, but also have worked with Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, amongst other developing tools.

These are some of the projects I have worked in

Chase the Cure

Game aimed to learn artificial intelligence, focusing on behaviour trees, state machines, etc. Done in Unity

Last Resort

Lateral scroll shooter game based on Last Resort. Developed during my first year at the degree. Done in C++.

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    +34 697 316 368